Succession Capital Inc. subsidiary, Sienna Sky Jewelry, has acquired Longmont, Colorado’s Lemon Tree Jewelry

August 6, 2015

San Diego, CA / Longmont, CO – August 6, 2015 – Sienna Sky Jewelry is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lemon Tree Jewelry, a local manufacturer and distributer of fashion jewelry. The company offers an eclectic mix of over two hundred earring and necklace designs, all proudly handcrafted in Longmont, Colorado and distributed throughout the United States. Lemon Tree is a synergistic acquisition for Sienna Sky as the two companies share similar sales channels, suppliers, and design esthetic. Lemon Tree will be integrated into the operations of Sienna Sky while staying as a unique product line, with ongoing design support from its founder.

“Lemon Tree offers extremely unique, creative designs along with a dedicated group of sales representatives and a large base of recurring customers. We are very excited to add this line to our company as we are confident that it will be a great complement to our existing assortment,” commented Jeanna Novy, Sienna Sky President. “We are particularly eager to work with Lemon Tree’s founder as she continues to focus on product design and the evolution of the line.”

Succession Capital now represents over 35% of the portfolio of its parent company, Lynx Equity. Succession Capital and Lynx Equity continue to pursue acquisitions of small and medium-sized businesses throughout North America from owners looking to retire.

About Lemon Tree Jewelry

Founded in 2003, and headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Lemon Tree manufactures and distributes unique and handcrafted jewelry throughout various parts of the United States. It offers both earrings and necklaces and is constantly adding new designs to reach a diverse group of customers within the gift jewelry market.

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About Sienna Sky

Founded in 1994, and headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Left Hand Studios LLC (dba Sienna Sky Jewelry) is a leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry. It distributes products across the USA under the Sienna Sky and Adajio Collection product lines and offers both earrings and necklaces. All products are locally made in Colorado with high-quality materials and unique designs. Both product lines are available online, and at gift shops and boutique stores across the country. Sienna Sky was acquired by Succession Capital is 2014.

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About Succession Capital

Based out of San Diego, CA, Succession Capital Inc. is a diversified private equity firm focused on acquiring small to medium-sized businesses from owners looking to retire. With revenue in excess of $260 million, its parent company, Lynx Equity, targets acquisitions of companies with EBITDA between $500,000 and $2.0 million and utilizes a buy and hold strategy.