Lynx buys and operates businesses with long track records of stable cash flow from owners preparing for retirement. For the past 15 years, Lynx has experienced consistent growth in revenue and EBITDA, completing well over 50 acquisitions. This growth is supported by a proven formula, disciplined and experienced management, and a lack of institutional competition in the Small to Medium Enterprise (“SME”) space.

Looking to make a change?

You’ve built a successful business and now it’s time to plan for your retirement. You’ve worked hard; you’ve invested in yourself, your family, and your team; and you want the best for everyone involved. We know the feeling because we’ve grown our own business from the ground up and we’ve worked with many business owners just like yourself.

Talk to Lynx if you:

  • Want to sell 100% of your business
  • Want to solidify a succession plan and ensure your team is taken care of
  • Want to find longevity for your business by strengthening all the relationships you’ve developed over the years 
  • Want to sell to an owner that respects what you have built and maintains its legacy

What we look for:

While Lynx supports a forward-thinking approach to financial investments, we’re traditional when it comes to the businesses we acquire. We buy and operate old economy businesses in various industries including flooring companies, signage manufacturers, packaging suppliers, and many more.

At Lynx, we look for business generating between CAD $750K - $3M in EBITDA or its equivalent in other currencies. Get in touch if you want to learn more about our acquisition criteria.

Why you should choose Lynx and what you can expect:

Business owners like yourself have chosen Lynx because we blend unparalleled business knowledge and financial discipline with an approachable, personable, and reasonable spirit that comes from being entrepreneurs ourselves.

When we buy a business, we focus on continuity; we build upon the established value, brand, employees, business relationships, and infrastructure. We also understand that each individual is unique, so we take a collaborative approach to create a plan for managing the business you built. 

We don’t claim to know everything, but we certainly learn quickly and adapt our knowledge to the responsibilities you take on for your business.