Unlike other private equity groups that generally syndicate their purchases through the use of limited partnership funds, Lynx finances its acquisitions via a combination of new capital provided by individual investors, bank acquisition funding, and/or other institutional funds. Due to our unique acquisition model, Lynx is able to pay attractive yields to its investors who invest through term loans.

Zero Volatility

Loans to Lynx are fixed. The value of the loan does not fluctuate – investors will receive 100% of the principal invested on the maturity date. Similarly, the annual interest payable on the loan is fixed when the agreement is signed, (and paid in equal monthly payments) providing certainty to investors for the chosen term.

Enhanced Yield

Unlike other fixed-income offerings that provide very low annual returns, Lynx is able to deploy the capital raised to acquire and operate businesses, rewarding investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns. It also allows us to provide consistent monthly cash flow to our investors.

Diversified Portfolio

Most corporate bonds provide attractive yields to investors, but require that they “place all of their eggs in one basket”. Investing with Lynx allows investors to achieve competitive interest rates while benefiting from having their loans backed by a diversified portfolio of companies.

Old Economy Business

Lynx does not invest in start-up or “turnaround” companies. We buy and operate companies with long track records and stable cash flow.

If you are interested in investing and you are an accredited investor (under Ontario securities laws), please click here.

Please note that nothing in this website constitutes an offer to any person or to the public generally to purchase securities of any kind or an offer to invest in Lynx Equity.