Alphaform, a long established GTA-based design and build firm, along with Davis Experiential Group, re-brands to TAG

February 1, 2013

Reacting to the continued shift in market dynamics and an increase in demand for truly engaging experiences and fabrication solutions, Alphaform announces a new name, TAG. ”Today more than ever, business is personal. All but gone are the days where transactions were defined through identifying a need and sourcing a supplier. There’s a new way of doing business, and its foundation is based on trust,” explains TAG President Peter Trecapelli. “Having recognized the need to go further and personalize our services and solutions, the re-brand reflects our new capabilities, culture, and approach.”

By understanding their clients and assessing their needs, TAG is able to successfully deliver results to an ever-expanding portfolio. Diversity in varied markets affords them the knowledge to help increase sales and drive brand awareness in ways that clients may not have considered or been able to accomplish before. TAG prides themselves on proactively presenting options to further a brand’s reach. “We’ve diversified to the extent that our natural path was to re-brand to a new identity,” notes Trecapelli. “TAG is not an acronym- it’s a name, a label; our label identifying who we are. It’s about how we do business- with passion, respect, dedication and trust. It’s about how our partners ‘TAG’ us in the marketplace. It’s about building ‘TAG teams’ and partnerships to achieve continued mutual success.”

The TAG identity was developed by an internal team of dedicated and experienced professionals- the TAG team.

About TAG

TAG is a team of design, fabrication, project management, sales, and marketing professionals. They provide comprehensive custom solutions for the success of many companies and brands globally.
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